We will be led on an exclusive tour of the The Studio Museum by Nellie Escalante. Nellie is an author, a Christian artist, a special needs mom and a professional ???. Nellie’s work can be found at: (NellEscalante.com). This tour is for adults only.

When: June 11th, meeting at 6:00 PM

Where: The Studio Museum, 144 West 125th St., NY, NY 10027

Cost: Entrance to the museum is free. However, we are asking for a $5 donation of Nellie and you are responsible to cover the cost of food afterward.

Call to Action:

1) To sign up, of for more information, email: info@agminnyc.org

2) Save the Date: Saturday, July 29

  • Tour of El Museo Del Barrio
  • Family Friendly with picnic at Central Park afterward.

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