When I consider how many of you first came to Abounding Grace it is clear that it wasn’t our email blasts or Facebook page. Chances are it wasn’t the yellow pages (though I do know at least one family that came because of the yellow pages) or our website. It’s not because of our awesome pastors. 🙂

The main reason many people end up connecting with AGM is because someone invited them. Here are three reasons YOU should invite someone to AGM.

1. They might make a friend. Some of my best friends in the world are at Abounding Grace. Friendship is one of life’s great treasures, and church is a great place to make friends. How cool would it be if you invited someone to church and they made a lifelong friend?

Do you know anyone that needs a friend? Invite them to church.

2. They might be encouraged. They say only 20% of an iceberg is visible above the water. The rest is below the surface. I think our struggles are like that, too. You never really know what they are going through. They might look happy on the outside, but they are really in need of hope or encouragement. A simple invitation to church might be a spark of hope for someone.

Do you know anyone that needs encouragement? Invite them to church.

3. They might meet Jesus. In the Gospels we learn about Andrew who brought his brother to meet Jesus. Andrew’s brother was Peter, who turned out to be a great Apostle. By far, the best reason to invite someone to church is they might meet Jesus. Eternity can be altered because of a simple invitation.

So what do you say? Who can you invite to Abounding Grace this week & this month? Let’s close 2016, by inviting friends, family and neighbors to celebrate Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas with their Abounding Grace family.


Pastor Lou

P.S. If you bring someone, please introduce him or her to me. I’d love to say hi.

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