Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Abounding Grace Ministries draws inspiration from Israel’s quest, as embodied in Caleb, to occupy God’s promise. To that end, we envision for AGM 5.0 a Christ-centered, multi-cultural, economically inclusive community leading transformational change in the Lower East Side and beyond. That vision will be built upon five pillars, which rest on the foundation of our mission and values.

The mission of AGM remains, to transform individuals and communities with the unconditional love of Jesus Christ.

We execute that mission consistent with four core values:

  • Faith: Keeping Christ central in every aspect of life
  • Family: Finding identity and wholeness in relationship with the family of Christ
  • Education: Learning to use one’s head, heart, and hands in the service of others
  • Community: Living in right relationship with God, self, others, and creation

The Five Pillars of Project Promised Land

1. Resurgent Music and Art. In the beginning God created, and so do we. AGM 5.0 embraces our creative core, and reclaims performing and visual arts and production.

2. Holistic Ministry Center. Our House of Prayer will seek the peace and prosperity of New York City, promote compassion and justice, and pursue shalom in the Lower East Side through: spiritual discipleship and worship; youth after school and summer camp programs; business incubation; homeless outreach; social service referrals; mental health counseling; and a community theater and studio spaces.

3. Intergenerational Community. Just as Israel’s promise was passed from generation to generations, AGM 5.0 will continue cultivating an intergenerational community around mentoring, senior outreach, youth programs, and family counseling.

4. Intentional Leadership Development. “Faces of grace” will continue to lead AGM through and beyond AGM 5.0, as we cultivate disciple makers who lead change in the world around them through: discipleship, small groups, learning communities, internship opportunities, and shared mission experiences.

5. Authentic Diversity. In a racially, ethnically, and economically diverse and evolving neighborhood, AGM will endeavor to love all of our neighbors equally well, as evidenced by shared leadership that reflects our community’s demographics.