Weeks after Sandy, churches continue to help lead relief effort
Nov. 2012

  • In the days after Sandy slammed New York,
    two pastors serving Manhattan’s Lower East Side
    – near where a transformer exploded at a ConEd plant,
    turning the area dark for days – sprung into action… [Read]


Not Your Grandmother’s Pastor
Apr. 2004

  • Navigating his classic Harley
    Davidson motorcycle along congested streets in
    the East Village of Lower Manhattan, Rick Del
    Rio, senior pastor of Abounding Grace Ministries,
    doesn’t look like your grandmother’s pastor. …


A Place of Hurt, A Place of Hope
Sept. 2002

  • While ministering to workers
    at Ground Zero, Richard Del Rio, pastor at an inner-city church in East Village …

Becker sheriff’s chaplain …

  • “Even when we got there
    a month later there were 28 people sleeping on
    the floor of the church, …

Churches mobilize new network …
Oct. 2001

  • As the symbol of America’s
    prosperity unraveled under the force of hatred

Union Square Award given to C.S.I.
Nov. 2000

  • Reverend Richard Del Rio
    and Jeremy Del Rio founded Community Solutions,
    Inc. (CSI) in 1994 to advocate for social justice
    and …

God at Ground Zero

  • Christians working near the
    site of the September 11 tragedy say the Holy
    Spirit is moving in special ways …

Out of the Rubble Sprout the …
Feb. 2002

  • Before Mayor Bloomberg left,
    Pastor Rick and I lead a [personal] prayer for
    him …

Partnering to Heal a Traumatized …
Winter 2002

  • We as Christians should be
    pleased about the response of churches, from many
    denominational church backgrounds, to the crises
    brought about by the events of 9-11. …


9/11 survivors share experiences
Apr. 10, 2002

  • Pastor Del Rio said the event
    “introduced a whole new paradigm for us [clergy].”

Newsletter from Ground Zero

  • Pastor Rick spoke to policemen
    in uniform who were present at the Thirty-day
    Memorial Anniversary Service of the Twin Towers.
    He said that he wants to help restore respect
    to the New York City Police Department. …


Reaching the Inner City

  • For the Del Rio family, community
    service begins at home. They have provided a home
    to as many as seven neighborhood children at a
    time, and his three sons and two daughters-in
    law work alongside him in public service. …


Two Horrors, A Common Bond
Apr. 19, 2002

  • “On this seventh anniversary
    of one of the greatest tragedies in our nation’s
    history, we pray for the continued healing of
    this great city,” said pastor Richard Del
    Rio of New York. …

Urban Church Planting Center …
Feb. 2002

  • Abounding Grace Christian
    Center and its pastor, Richard Del Rio, serves
    a multiethnic and poor congregation of individuals
    and families near the devastated area. …


The Power of a City at Prayer
Aug. 2002

  • Rev. Richard Del Rio arrived
    at Ground Zero on his Harley-Davidson on that
    fateful Tuesday morning, supplied with a clergy
    collar, a police identification tag and an intercessor’s
    heart. …

From Richard
Sept. 2001

  • Last Friday, I visited “Ground
    Zero” with my friend Pastor Ricky del Rio.
    He pastors Abounding Grace Ministries …


A Passion to Rebuild
Sept. 19th, 2001

  • City officials released an
    ambitious proposal for rebuilding lower Manhattan
    yesterday as the city acknowledged the one-week
    anniversary of the World Trade Center attack…

America’s Children Are Healing…

  • Remember third grade? I dreaded
    Mrs. Bordeaux’s old fashioned school when our
    class got in trouble. In September, Ms. Chellew’s
    small third grade class…

America’s Faith Community…

  • The tragedies of September
    11, 2001 called upon faith-based organizations
    as America’s stockpiles of human and financial
    resources to aid the weary, distressed, and bereaved.

Bidden op…
(In Dutch)
Sept. 22, 2001

  • Met grote moeite werkt een
    New Yorkse brandweerman zich onder een gestutte
    betonplaat uit. Rondom hem rijzen de rokende puinhopen
    op van wat eens het World Trade Center was. …


Compassion News
Compassion Assists…

  • When terrorists attacked
    the United States on September 11, Christian churches
    and ministries near the crash sites began taking
    immediate action to provide comfort and help for
    the victims. The connections Compassion…

Compassion News
Compassion’s USA Ministry …
Nov. 16, 2001

  • In response to the September
    11 terrorist attacks, Compassion International’s
    USA Ministry is supporting other ministries in
    New York that…

Day of Terror, Day of Grace …
Sept. 25, 2001

  • On Tuesday morning, September
    11, pastors and staff at the churches near the
    World Trade Center prepared to open their doors
    in anticipation of a full day of activity. Marcos
    Rivera, pastor…

Ground Zero: A/G Ministries …
Sept. 14, 2001

  • The eyes of the world continue
    to focus on the area of New York once known as
    the World Trade Center, but now spoken commonly
    of as “Ground Zero.” As rescuers continue
    the gruesome…

WorldVision News
Interview With Jeremy Del Rio …

  • On Tuesday, September 11,
    my father was the only identifiable clergy on
    the East side of the Towers. On Wednesday, he
    was on Channel 2 …

Citizen Magazine
Lessons from the ashes …

  • “He got there about
    10 in the morning and stayed until 3 or 4 the
    next morning,” recalls his son, Jeremy Del
    Rio, youth pastor at the family’s nondenominational
    church. “My father was the only…

In Touch Ministries
Moving Forward …
Jan. 2002

  • “This is just a time
    when I know of the horrific nature of what has
    happened,” says Associate Pastor of Brooklyn
    Tabernacle Charles Hammond. “But the whole
    point is, help …

New York Rescue Teams …
Sept. 20, 2001

  • Located up in Utica, New
    York, Compassion Coalition had just become a Hunger
    Strike Force (HSF) partnering organization before
    more than 5,000 individuals were declared missing…

Everything Christian
NYC Churches Respond…
Sept. 2001

  • While the walking wounded
    and other victims were received by churches across
    the Brooklyn and 138th Street Bridges; their sister
    churches under the bridges and closest to Ground
    Zero attempted…

Reporting From Ground Zero …
Sept. 18, 2001

  • In the past week, Rev. Esposito
    has tirelessly led OBI’s disaster relief campaign
    in New York. Smell the burnt air, walk carefully
    through the layers of ash…

USSenate ‹Santorum
Santorum and Brownback…
Oct. 9, 2001

  • Senators Rick Santorum (R-PA)
    and Sam Brownback (R-KS) held a press conference
    with members of clergy…

Ethics’ Religion
The Best Of Times, The Worst …
Sept. 29, 2001

  • It was the best of times,
    it was the worst of times….

World Vision
The Man in the Collar…

  • While thousands of New Yorkers
    ran north, away from the WTC area, Del Rio hopped
    on his Harley-Davidson Electra Glide and headed
    downtown, stopping at…

Christian Times
The Open Wound Of America’s …
Nov. 2001

  • Visiting Ground Zero,
    the shocking mountain of twisted steel and debris
    that was once the World Trade Center’s Twin
    Towers, it was clearly…

Christianity Today
Where I Minister, Grace Abounds…
Sept. 24, 2001

  • Inside, there was one body
    in a dark green bag laid off to the side. People
    were trying to clear out space, so I grabbed a
    shovel to make a path out front. …