“Our mission is to transform individuals and communities with the unconditional love of Christ.”


These are the principles that guide our lives, both corporately and individually:

  • Faith
  • Family
  • Education
  • Community


These are the reasons why we exist and what informs our life as a church:

  • Worship
  • Community
  • Maturity
  • Leadership
  • Mission


At our 11:00am Sunday Worship Experience:

Our worship leader and band lead us in singing. The song selection is generally a mix of contemporary worship songs with an infusion of urban flavoring.

This time is followed by a welcome, announcements, and a voluntary collection of offerings.

After the offering, one of our pastors preaches for about a half hour on a scriptural passage or theme. Prayer is available throughout.

The service is finished with a time of reflection, including closing remarks and a song.

We receive communion together as a body, the first Sunday of each month.

We hope to see you soon!

Of our Church family:

All guests and members of AGM can expect to receive unconditional love and acceptance. We understand our calling and primary responsibility to love God with all of our heart, mind, soul and strength and to love our neighbors as ourselves. At Abounding Grace we are a diverse family, where all are welcomed and appreciated regardless of race, class, age or personal/family history.


Abounding Grace Ministries was founded by Pastor Rick Del Rio in 1982. The ministry formed as a church designed to specifically meet the needs of the most hardened drug addicts, criminals, and homeless living on the lower east side. Central to our mission is the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the spiritual transformation offered through faith in Jesus Christ and obedience to the Bible. Our youth programs aim to empower young people to create and pursue hopeful alternatives to mediocrity, poverty, and delinquency; and to enable youth to develop and realize ambitions and dreams.

Abounding Grace Ministries vision for community outreach and renewal includes twenty outreach programs including the Apple’s Core Coffee House, a weekly soup kitchen serving an average of fifty homeless people each week; the Victorious Overcomers, a weekly support group for former substance abusers; the Kidz’ Rock Children’s Ministry, which serves roughly 75 children from ages 1 to 12 each week; and scores of community service projects.

In 1994, Abounding Grace Ministries launched Community Solutions, Inc. and Generation X-Cel, a separate program to advocate for social justice and community uplift within inner city neighborhoods; to develop holistic strategies for meeting the financial, educational, emotional, housing, and social needs of impoverished peoples; and to provide services which promote urban revitalization and family restoration. These programs included X-cel after school, helping students ages 8-13 to life their level of academic achievement, X-Cel Theatre, providing after school programs in dance, music, theatre, and the arts for high school students, YW8-2-XL (Why wait to X-Cel?) a college and career preparation program, and X-Cel summer, providing recreational alternatives and programs for children during the summer.

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